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Chapter XX: Creeping Around

NOTE:   Due to game difficulties with my past saved game, I am now using this custom hood for my storytelling needs.  I also had to do a clean sweep of my CC files and may have altered some cosmetic things within the story.  Now that all that is said and done, on with the update!!


The weeks mundane chores, appointments, and commitments had finally drawn to an end.  The Stark family slowly made their way home for a night of tranquil relaxation.  Cindy arrived home first with the weekly groceries and was shortly followed by Joshua and Amelia.  And as evening began to approach, the Stark family settled down together for family movie night.  Once everyone was comfortably situated, Amelia burst out excitedly with her plans for the weekend.

“Mom, Rowan and I have the most exciting weekend ever planned!  We’re going to go to the salon and get mani-pedies and spend the whole afternoon soaking up the sun at the beach!”

“That sounds lovely, dear.”  Cindy replied.  “But you need to promise me, no boys during your weekend shenanigans.”

“And that means Onion, Amelia.”  Joshua piped in.

“Shut up, dipsh–”

“Amelia!  Joshua!  Cut it out you two or both of your weekend plans will go on without you because the only fun you’ll be having is My kind of fun,”   Cindy reproved.

“Sorry, Mom.”

“Ya, sorry…”  Amelia said sheepishly whilst shooting her brother the look of death.  Joshua recoiled back with a disgusted, winced up face.

As movie night continued, the drama settled down and dissipated from the room.  Cindy was troubled by Joshua’s remark, though. 

Was she still sneaking around with Onion? That boy is nothing but trouble, I just know it, Cindy pondered to herself.  She glanced over her shoulder and studied her daughters facade.  Amelia laughed out loud at the t.v. and seemed not to have a care in the world. 

Ah, I’m just working myself up over nothing again.  She’s a good girl and I need to trust her more.

“What’s wrong, Mom?”  Amelia inquired softly.

“Oh, nothing sweetie.  You and your brother are just growing up so fast.  I just wish your Father was here to see what wonderful young adults your turning into.”

Amelia reached over and squeezed Cindy’s hand.  It had been ages since anyone had mentioned her Father in a conversation.

“I miss him too, Mom.”

“I know dear.  Alright everyone, shhh!  This is my favorite part!”  Cindy said jokingly waving at her daughter.  Amelia took the subtle hint from her Mom and dropped the subject of Dad.  Though it had been years since the accident, it was still a fresh wound in her Mother’s heart and the subject was trodden upon lightly.

The stars light up the sky and shown the way for Amelia on the street.   It had been no easy task slipping out of Rowan’s house unnoticed, now that Bryce had moved in.  But success was on her side that late night.  And every step she took lead her one step closer to her lover’s arms.  Though they had been dating all summer, Amelia still got butterflies in her stomach at even the mention of Onion’s name.

I hope he remembered to unlock the front door for me.

As she approached the front porch, she cautiously crept up the wooden stairs.  The wood groaned beneath her weight, each subtle shift made them call out even louder.

“Oh, just shut up already!  Stupid stairs.”  Amelia muttered.  Reaching out with unsteady hands, Amelia turned the knob and slid inside.  After a brief look around to make sure the coast was clear, she darted up to Onions room.

*Knock, Knock*

“Hold on a sec.”  Replied a muffled voice.  The door swung open more quickly than Amelia had anticipated, causing her to jump back.

“What are you doing?”  Laughed Onion.

“Whatever!  You scared the crap out of me!”  Amelia remarked as she playfully shoved him.  “Is she..”

“No.  My Aunt was called into work late at the Hospital,”  Onion replied with a smirk plastered across his face, “And we’ve got the whole house to ourselves…”

“Well, are we gonna do this or what?”  Onion asked audacious.

Amelia pulled back and studied Onion’s eyes, searching them for his true intentions.  Sensing that his cocky attitude had put off his girlfriends mood, Onion rebounded with a smooth recovery.

“I mean, are you sure your ready?  Cause we can wait, if you want to.”  Onion said, secretly hoping for the best.

“I don’t know, Onion.  What if my Mom finds out?  Or even worse, my brother?  But I did come all this way, and I really…I mean really lov-, Like you a lot..”

Onion reached down and grasped a hold of Amelia’s hand.

“I care a lot about you, and you mean everything to me.”

“Alright, I’m ready.”

Then next morning when they awoke, Amelia felt different.  The night they had spent together was wonderful, but guilt was welling up inside of her heart.  Though no one else knew what had transpired in the wee hours of the morning, she still felt as though she was letting her Dad down for being so deceptive about her actions with her Mother.  Amelia’s silence was broken abruptly by a loud clashing on the kitchen floor.

“Oops.  Ah, I meant to do that?”  Onion grinned, slightly embarrassed.  “So do you want waffles or pancakes?  Oh, and we’ve got cereal too.”

“Nah, I’m not that hungry.”

“Is something bothering you, Amelia?”  Onion asked, concerned for the sudden change her demeanor.

“Of course not, silly!”  She said faking out a smile as she wrapped her arms around his neck.  “I gotta get going though, before Rowan wakes up and realizes that I took off last night.”

“Oh, OK.  Well, I’ll call ya’ later then.”

Amelia stood up from the stool and stretched her arms up over her head.  She then proceeded to the bathroom to freshen up as Onion went back upstairs and threw on his clothes.  Amelia turned on the sink and filled her hands with cool water.  She leaned down and splashed her face with the cool, calming liquid.

Doesn’t he get that I just don’t want to talk right now?  Boys are so oblivious sometimes.

Meanwhile upstairs, Onion was fighting with his own thoughts.

What is her problem?  Did I do something wrong? It’s not like I forced her to do it, she said she was ready. Onion sighed as he smoothed his hair in the mirror.  The sound of the front door opening startled him.  He came back downstairs to see that it was Amelia walking out the front door.

“Bye.  I’ll talk to ya’ later.”  She called out over her shoulder as she briskly exited the house.

“See ya.”


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