Posted by: bean | November 3, 2009

Chapter IV: What Goes Around…

Amelia had never been shown up by anyone in her entire life.  Now here she was, running home whilst nursing a black eye.

When she had finally reached her home, she couldn’t hold back the tears anymore.

“Mommy! Mommy! Come quick!” Amelia shouted.  Her mother came quickly to her daughters aid, not use to hearing her in such distress.  “It was awful, the new girl at school beat me up!”

Knowing that her daughter was usually the instigator in many of the school yard fights, she wasn’t quick to jumping to conclusions.

“Well, honey, do you think something you might have said to this other little girl caused her to react this way to you?” Her Mom asked though she already knew what the answer would be.  Sticking out her lip, Amelia just coward her head down and refused to make eye contact with her Mom.

“Why don’t we get you cleaned up and head over to this girls house and straighten this mess out.  Do you know where she lives, Amelia?”

“Yes, she just move in down the street from us….Do we HAVE to go right now? Can’t I just talk to her tomorrow at school?” Amelia pleaded, fearing the humiliation from having to apologize for starting the fight.

Once they arrived to Rowan’s home, Amelia and her Mom made their way to the front door.  “Go on, knock on the door.” Her Mom whispered as she nudged her closer.

With a quick knock, Amelia glanced back at her mother and replied,”Guess no one’s home…”

“Oh, no.  Your not getting off that easy!” With that she knocked firmly on the door.  With in moments Chloe’ and Rowan were at the door, peering out the window to see who was there.  “Who are they?” Chloe’ stated puzzled.  “Mom, I kind of got in a fight toda..”

“You what! That’s just great Rowan. What if they involve the cops!”

With that, Chloe’ gathered her composure and answered the door with smile, or at least her best attempt at one. “Yes, can I help you?”  She asked,  all the while she just wanted to hop in her car with her daughter and flee from the impending confrontation.

“Hi, yes. I’m Cindy and this is my daughter Amelia.  We live right down the street,” She gestured. “It seems our girls got into a little bit of a tift today at school and we’re here to resolve it.”

As the adults talked for what seemed like hours, the girls glared at each other.  Out of the corner of her eye, Cindy say the awful faces her daughter was shooting at Rowan.  “Now, Amelia” She said sternly, “Is there something you want to say to Rowan?”

After glaring up at her Mom, she gathered the words in her mouth. “I’m sorry for picking on you today at school and starting the fight.”

“Rowan, do you have something that you would like to say, too?” Chloe’ asked giving her daughter the look.

“I’m sorry that I punched you.” Not really, I should have knocked you out harder, she thought to herself.  With that she forced a smile and they shook hands.

Chloe’ and Cindy began to talk again, mindless banter about the neighborhood.  Amelia leaned forward and whisper to Rowan.

“You know, your the only one that has ever beat me up.”


“Uh, huh. Where did you learn to hit like that?”

“I use to take karate in my old town.  I was getting really good at it too before we had to move”

“So your telling me that I got beat up by a 10 year old girl with a black belt?” She snickered.  Rowan laughed too.  And from that day forward the two were inseparable.



  1. Great update can’t wait to

  2. Aweee! Amelia and Rowan seem to be getting along! ^_^ I can’t wait for more!

    And I just have to say, Chloe is beautiful O.O

    *I posted this on the thread on the sims 3 site, too, btw. Chapter 3 of my story “Inner Universe” Should be out today. Keep an eye out.*

  3. wow! very good!

  4. Cant wait to see what you do with this story :3

  5. i love ur story please write more even if u need 2 send my girls down here so i can watch them i will lol But really i cant wait 2 read the rest love u


    Here’s the link for the overalls! they’re 75 sim points O.o a little pricey but if you need ’em you need ’em.

    • ty! I didn’t realize which ones they were…already have those…lol

  7. hahaha it’s kinda hard to see in the picture, so much grass. BTW you need to update! I want to see more awesome pictures and read more story. Update pleazzz!

    • second’d


    • I’ve been working on the update…I promise! LoL! This chapter was tricky for me…I wasn’t sure which “character” I wanted to introduce next…I think you will all like it though…Its going to be a “AWWW” chapter 😀

  8. What a cute chapter. You tied things up together rather nicely and it was adorable the way the two became friends.

  9. I kind of saw this happening but that it actually did is just fantastic! Hope that Rowan don’t have to move again now that she finally have found a friend.

  10. This story is totally awesome, I am entrigued to find out what lie they are living lol. Your deffo in my list of amazing sims writers, yup your up there with the best of them; Berry, Thea, Kitty, Cup that is cake, and now Bean lol. It’s actually crazy cause my chihuahua is called beanie bear but gets called bean also the my legacy founder is called lilly lou bean. Check out my legacy @ PS: did I say how awesome this story is ? Oh yup but I guess another compliment wouldn’t hurt. awesomeawesomeawesome. XD

    • thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoy my story. I’ve been so busy with my kiddos, but plan on updating soon since my game isn’t so glitchy anymore 🙂

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