Posted by: bean | December 13, 2009

Chapter IX: Nesting

NOTE: Due to gaming bugs, the Whitmore’s (Chloe’ and Rowan) and the Stark’s (Amelia, Joshua and Cindy) will be in new homes.  I had to uninstall my game and after reinstalling, I was unable to locate some of the  homes that I had used in the beginning of this story.


Chloe’ stared thoughtfully at her stomach, admiring it in the living room mirror.  Her baby bump was just barely noticeable, but she couldn’t help but think of her ever growing womb.  Though this pregnancy was unexpected, she couldn’t be happier with the outcome of her promiscuous rendezvous with Bryce.  The chance to hold a newborn baby again, to cradle a new life close to her heart, had Chloe’ overjoyed.  On the other hand, telling the father to be of the news was not something that Chloe’ was looking forward to.  After all, with their jaded history together, he may not even let her keep the baby this time…

None the less, her maternal instincts seemed to be locked in overdrive for the past two days.  She frantically cleaned and polished their belongings, as if she were wiping away their past transgressions.  Everything had to be just right for when the baby finally arrived.  Chloe’ did not want to have this new, pure, untainted  life growing inside of her to experience all the hardships that Rowan unfortunately was forced to.  This new soul would be the start that she needed on the  road to redemption.

Rowan on the other hand was horrified by the thought of her Mother bringing another life into the world.  Chloe’ had a hard enough time taking care of herself and Rowan, let alone another child.  Hadn’t she learned by now that she was never going to win  “Mother of the Year”.   And all the pretending in the entire universe could ever make it even partially conceivable.  But none of that matter now, it was too late for nostalgia.  All Rowan could do was try her best to shelter  her sibling from the irresponsible ways of her Mother.  Their Mother.  Maybe with some luck and a bit of chance, this kid would turn out only partially damaged.

Rowan was tucked away in her room, recovering from the recent events.  Strumming away on her guitar seem to dull the pain that was heavy weighing down on her heart.  With each chord she plucked, tension was replaced by tranquility.  If only she could bottle this euphoric feeling for the rainy days that lay ahead.  A muffled voice called out, forcing Rowan to cease playing.  She placed her guitar back in its tattered case and shoved it under her bed.  Apprehensively she poked her head out of her room and yelled to her Mother.

“Mom.  Did you say something?”

“Rowan!  Come look at the nursery…Isn’t it just perfect?” Chloe’ beamed, quite proud of her self.  Rowan forced herself to look it the room.  Not half bad considering the circumstances.  Her Mom did have quite a knack for decorating.  But with all the moving they had done in their past, Chloe’ was able to perfect her technique throughout the years.

“Um, ya.  Sure.  Looks absolutely wonderful.” Rowan said unenthusiastically.

“It’s perfect. Just perfect.” She said blissfully.  Chloe’ either hadn’t noticed Rowan’s off color remark or chose to ignore it.

Chloe’ continued to put the final touches on the nursery as Rowan stood watching.  Her Mom hummed to herself as she fluffed the canopy above the crib.  Rowan could see a larger than life smile was plastered across her face.  The site of her bubbly Mother made Rowan want to gag.  In all her years, she had never seen her Mom act so nauseatingly happy. This is going to be harder than I thought, Rowan contemplated to herself.



  1. Hey great update but I don’t see Onion… wait a sec are you gonna do a baby swap and Onion is going to be the newborn! haha j/k 😀 can’t wait to read more!

  2. lol…nope
    Next chapter 😉

  3. Wow, lol I was a little thrown off by Rowan being a teenager-I wasn’t expecting it so soon.

  4. This is AshKelly87! I started my story:

    Rowan is so pretty & I love Chloe’s dress!

  5. I would have commented on Creative Corner at TS3 site, but I didn’t want to spoil this chapter for those that hadn’t read it. That’s usually where I comment, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t getting comments on your site. 🙂

    I’m having mixed feelings about Chloe’ being pregnant… Having children doesn’t fix things, it makes things worse, so I’m worried what is in store for the family. I’m also thinking…could Bryce be Rowan’s father? That’s my conclusion for now, unless I hear differently. 😛

    As always, great story, Bean. I look forward to more!

    > dl.

  6. I am bookmarking this site to read more. I wonder what will happen to the little baby and if s/he will be okay.

    • Hi Zeppelin! Thanks for the comment!

  7. It’s almost like Rowan and Chloe have switched places!! I’ve always liked the name “Chole” but haven’t actaully met one.

    • I worked with one, and really like the name…lol…Rowan I found online…totally fits this grumpy teen!

  8. I can’t wait for the baby! I hope it’s a boy, he will be totally handsome!

  9. soon all shall be revealed…lol

  10. Great photo of Rowan when Chloe shows her the baby room, she look sabsolutley nauseated and sooo over it!
    This was an all around good chapter/update!

    • I absolutely LOVE Rowan! She is by far my favorite Sim….ever! She’s always making this “oh so bored” and scowling….makes taking my pictures a heck of a lot easier!

  11. I love Rowan and I feel so bad for her. Her mother is making her life absolutely miserable. P.S. Just started my own story…check it out at

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