Posted by: bean | December 16, 2009

Chapter X: Onion the Heartbreaker

The weeks seemed to fly by for Rowan.  Everyday was one more day closer to her Mom’s due date, and with it, more responsibility.  Knowing that after the baby was born her Mom would rely on her even more than she already did, Amelia and Rowan made plans for one last sleepover together.  After deciding on what movie to rent and what snacks they wanted to munch on, they separated and decided to meet up at Rowan’s house after dinner.

Amelia sat down on the school yard swing and started to text her Mom to let her in on her plans for the evening.  As she placed her cell phone back in her pocket, she noticed a boy she had never seen before checking her out. Slightly embarrassed about the attention, she tried to ignore him as he made his way over and sat in the swing next to her.

“Hey.” He replied slyly.

“Hi.” Amelia whispered back.  She turned her head slightly to get a better look  at his face.  Wow, he’s really hot! Oh, no! Can he tell that I’m staring at him? Amelia turned her face downwards and smirked to herself.

“Names Onion.  Onion Rotten.” He reached his hand over to her and she bashfully shook it back.

“I’m Amelia Stark.  Are you new?  ‘Cause I don’t recall seeing you in any of my classes in school.”

“Actually, I’m just visiting my Aunt.  You couldn’t pay me to live in this crappy town.”  Onion snickered back.

Annoyed, Amelia stood up and gathered up her books.  Seeing that his coy comment had offended her, Onion stood up too and quickly took hold of the situation.

“I mean, the town sucks…but your smokin’ hot.  Probably the only good thing in this place.”  Amelia smiled at Onion, quite pleased with the compliment.  Though he was rather blunt and more straight forward than most boys she knew, she felt incredibly drawn in by him.

“Well…I gotta get going.  My best friend and I have plans tonight.”  God, why did I say it like that? Now he’s going to think I don’t like him, Amelia speculated to herself.

“Alright, see ya around then.”  Onion responded sadly.

“I mean, if your going to be in town for awhile…maybe we can get together sometime.  If you want to, that is…” She quickly said hoping that she didn’t sound to desperate.  Onion raised his eyebrow with curiosity.  So maybe she wasn’t just trying to blow him off.  They exchanged cell numbers and said their awkward goodbye to one another.

As fast as she could, Amelia made her way to Rowan’s house.  She knocked on the door loudly and was greeted with a half puzzled, half annoyed look from her friend.  Bursting through the door, she couldn’t wait to fill Rowan in on her encounter with Onion.

“Why are you so hyper, Amelia?”  Rowan inquired.

“You will not believe what just happened to me!” Amelia squealed out of sheer excitement.

“Try me.” Rowan responded coolly.

“Well, I was hanging out on the swings and met this guy.  He was so hot and smart and funny.  I think…” she paused, as if to search for the right words to express herself.  And with that, Amelia blurted out, “I think I’m in Love!”

“You don’t even know him, how could you possibly be in Love?”  Instead of answering the question, Amelia dreamily walked into the other room.  Rowan just stood there and rolled her eyes.



  1. I hope I did Onion justice in this Chapter…

    *impatiently awaits Clairezy’s review*

  2. Really cute chapter!

  3. Oh my gosh I loved Onion! Aw I miss how twerpy he was when he was a teen. Thinking he was god’s gift to women and all that.

    Oh now I’m worried about Amelia! if ‘Oninion’s a heartbreaker things could get ugly. Then again I would love to Amelia sock him ^_^.

    Loved that chapter and the pictures bean great job >^o^<

  4. I love the amalgamation of The Lie We Lived and The Rotten Legacy! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • I have plans….big plans….Muah haha ha….lol

  5. I love how teenage boys are so overt in their remarks towards girls.

    • they only have one thing in mind….usually…. 😉

  6. teen pregnancy hacks means shotgun weddings *glares at Onion and loads fire arm*
    “Keep it in your pants boy.”

    • lmao!

  7. I love your blog!! I’m nurse11031 from the sims3 forums!! Can’t wait for another chapter.

    • I added you to my blog roll!

  8. Lol at Amelia and Onion, I wonder what they’d name their kids? : P

  9. Oh Snap! Onion… thats a bad sign. Be careful Amelia! Still chuggin through your story Bean. Its really fabulous!

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