Posted by: bean | December 25, 2009

Chapter XIII: Change is in the Air

Rowan stumbled through their front door still in a state of bliss from her first kiss with Joshua.  She barely even noticed her Mom standing in the living room cradling her new sibling.  Finally reality caught up with Rowan and she gasped with surprise.

“Mom!  When did you have the baby?”  Rowan exclaimed.

“Shortly after you left this afternoon.  Isn’t she just perfect?”  Chloe’ proclaimed, staring down at her new baby girl.  Rowan lifted the blanket around the baby to get a better look.  She had to be the cutest thing she had ever seen.  Chloe’ began to make her way upstairs to put the baby down in her crib.  Rowan trailed behind her still in awe of the sudden arrival of her baby sister.  They entered into the baby’s bedroom, stopping once again to admire the angel faced infant.  Rowan asked to hold her new sister and Chloe’ happily placed her in Rowan’s arms.  The baby girl was pink in color and smelled of new linen.

“What is her name, Mom?”  Rowan asked excitedly.

“Addilyn.  Addilyn Whitmore.”  Chloe’ said, beaming with pride.

“Hello Addilyn.  I’m Rowan your big sister.”

After much coddling and cooing, they finally put Addilyn to bed.  Chloe’ laid down on her bed in a heap, exhausted from all that had occurred that day.  Rowan came into her Mother’s room and covered her up with a blanket.  She sat down on the bed next to Chloe’, thinking things over.  Even though they seemed to buck heads over everything, she still loved her Mom.  Hopefully now her Mom would finally grow up and start being more responsible.  But Rowan could only hope.

Later that evening, after everyone was asleep, Rowan got up and crept into her little sister’s bedroom.  Looking down on Addilyn, Rowan smiled.  So much happiness had begun to flood into her life.  It was such an odd feeling to be so happy.  Addilyn cooed at Rowan and lifted her small hands to reach for her.  Rowan placed her hand on her sisters.  She wrapped her tiny hand around one of Rowan’s fingers.

“Don’t worry.  I won’t ever let anything bad happen to you.  No matter what.”  Rowan promised Addilyn solemnly.  Addilyn responded back by squealing happily.

The following morning Chloe’ woke up earlier than usual.  She entered her bathroom and studied her reflection.  Although she was nearing middle age, she still dressed risqué most the time.  She knew that her choice of clothing had been bothering Rowan for quite some time. “Why can’t you just grow up and act like a real Mom?  You dress like your fourteen but your almost forty.  It’s so embarrassing!” Rowan’s words echoed in Chloe’ s head as she scrutinized herself.  With that she decided it was time for a change in her life.

Rowan agreed to watch her sister as her Mom went out downtown.  Chloe hailed a taxi and headed straight for the spa.  After many hours of primping, styling and tweaking, Chloe’ emerged from the building.  She took a quick look at her new reflection in the store window.  The new Chloe’ starred back at her vacantly.  Chloe’ scanned her eyes over her new facade.  The woman in the window seem so perfect.  Hopefully she would be able to live up to her new look.



  1. I didn’t want to make this chapter too long…then next one has a lot to digest…lol

  2. I like the make-over for Chloe! Now we have Rowan to act like she’s fourteen instead ! (because, you know, she is.)

  3. Great Chapter!

    Chloe is so pretty with her new make-over!
    And, I can’t wait to see Addylyn grow up.

  4. Addilyn is so gorgeous as a toddler…can’t wait to share the pictures with you guys!

  5. Chloe’ is beautiful I love her new look! ❤ there is no way she's 40! Addilyn looks precious I wonder if Rowan is going to be a good big sister? I think she might get jealous? 😀 can't wait to read more.

  6. Addilyn is a beautiful name! I suspected it would be something more original than most names, since her family members are a Chloe and a Rowan!
    BTW that picture of Rowan leaning over the crib with baby Addilyn is a priceless shot! It is adorable!

    • I was going for a gothic/darkish feel with their names….to fit with their dark secretive lives….lol

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