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Chapter XIV: Dinner for Two

Rowan was pretty impressed with her Mom’s new look.  It was really nice to see her finally trying to be a Mom after years of her acting like a sibling to Rowan.  Chloe’ could tell that her decision had made Rowan proud of her.  It was more rewarding than she ever thought it could be.  And she wished that she had made such a positive change sooner.  Chloe’ decided to take Rowan out for dinner after school the following night, just the two of them.  To celebrate the birth of Addilyn and all that they had been through together.  Chloe’ arrived first at the restaurant and waited for her daughter to arrive.  Once she had, Chloe’ hugged Rowan intently.

As they sat down at the table, the pair chattered about work, school and Addilyn.  Chloe’ casually brought up the subject of Rowan and Joshua’s relationship.  Rowan blushed as her Mom asked how everything was between them.

“So, how is Joshua doing?”  Chloe’ asked as nonchalantly as she could.  But Rowan could clearly see the smirk forming on her Mom’s face.

“Ah, good.  So how’s work going?  Anything exciting happening at the Bistro?”  Rowan quickly said, trying to get their conversation off of Joshua.

“Nice try, Rowan.  I want you to invite Joshua and his family over for dinner this weekend.  So we can all catch up.”

“Alright.  Just don’t bring up any embarrassing stories, Mom.”  Rowan replied sternly.  Chloe’ chuckled and playfully promised that she would never do such a thing.  Rowan shot her Mom a look, letting her know that she better not even think twice about embarrassing her in front of her new boyfriend.

Rowan was looking for the opportunity to ask her Mom yet again about their past.  After all, she had promised quite some time ago that once she turned sixteen she would explain everything to her.  Rowan began playing with her food with her fork nervously.  They were getting along so well, she didn’t want to ruin it.

“Is something bothering you, Rowan?”  Chloe’ asked concerned with Rowan’s demeanor.

“No.  Just getting full, that’s all.”  Rowan lied to her Mom.

The two finished their meals and paid for the bill.  With that, Rowan couldn’t hold in her questions any longer.

“Mom.  I’ve been trying to wait for you to tell me about our past, but I can’t wait anymore.  Please, tell me.  I need to know.”  Rowan pleaded with her hands clasped together.

“Alright.  After all, I did make a promise to you.  You may want to sit down for this Rowan.”  Chloe’ replied wearily, knowing the outcome of such revelations.

Chloe’ slowly began to tell Rowan about how her and her father met.  About how they once were happily married, so much in love.  And how her father began focusing on his career in the law force.  Chloe’ was left in the house by herself for long periods of time becoming increasingly lonely and besides herself with boredom.  She began shopping excessively to pass the time while Bryce was working.  But soon, the thrill that shopping had brought her began to dwindle.  Chloe’ then discovered the art of shoplifting.  The rush she received from stealing was like nothing that she could explain or compare to.

Meanwhile, Bryce was steadily climbing the corporate ladder at his job.  He quickly went from paper pusher to a decorated officer.  He was finally earning enough money to buy a house for Chloe’.  Beaming with pride, he arrived home one day with a newly minted key.  The key to their new home.  Chloe’ knew that she should be as proud and excited as Bryce was, but she just couldn’t force herself to be.  She longed to be out about town, learning new ways to scam and swindle others out of their hard earned cash.

It didn’t take long for Chloe’ to get noticed by other well known harden criminals.  After she had proved herself worthy of their companionship, she quickly began to make a name for herself within their ranks.  But all good things must come to and end.  The gang was set up to be taken down by the local law department.  Bryce was undercover at the time of the raid and found Chloe’ at the scene.  He told her he would give her twenty four hours to run, and then he would have to hunt her down and bring her into custody.

And so began her life as a fugitive, on the run from the only man that she had ever loved.  But that wasn’t the worst of it, she had found out she was pregnant a few weeks before the bust and was waiting for the right time to break the news to Bryce.  And now she never could for fear that once she was caught, he would take her daughter away from her.

“You mean I’ve been thinking this whole time that Guy who has been chasing us was an evil man, but he is my Father!  But you said my Dad died when I was a baby!  How could you lie to me about that?  Lie to me about everything?!”  Rowan screamed.  Chloe’ coward her head in shame.

“I’m so sorry.  Please forgive me, Rowan.  I was young and foolish.”  Chloe’ lamented.  But Rowan couldn’t stand to look at her Mom for another second.  She exited the restaurant, leaving Chloe’ behind sobbing.



  1. Wow, I love this chapter it’s wonderful everything I’ve been hoping for! The emotional levels in it are great and I love how we go from happy and content to excited and currious to crushed and confuzed. I can see the whole situation from both Chloe’s and Rowan eyes and it’s beautifully done. I understand how Rowan wants to meet and know more about her father. That thinking he was dead but then suddenly so close much be a huge life altering shock but I can also understand Chloe’s selfish protective love for her child. Bryce couldn’t even bother to check up on her after their falling out truth be told he didn’t really seem to intrested in finding out who Rowan was or even if his ‘midnight romp’ had led to anything else. I feel sorry for Rowan she’s in a no win situation and just doesn’t want to loose her beloved daughter.

    Any way the long and short of this is great update you always keep me wanting to read more! ^-^

  2. Aww…Thanks for the awesome comment! I was worried that I was going to loose people with all the info….lol

  3. :< If people don't like reading stories they shouldn't be here in the first place! I wouldn't worry I think it's a great chapter I love the mother duaghterness

    ~I made a booboo in my last sentense I mean Chloe' not Rowan. my bad.

  4. Hey Bean. Great update. I loved it..your not losing me at all!! 🙂

    • I’m glad to here! I was worried the lengthy paragraphs would bore the readers.

  5. Great chapter! I was waiting to see what Chloe would reveal!
    How sad when Rowan told her Mom that she didn’t have to lie about everything! If only Rowan had only known some of the truth, like Bryce was her father, maybe she wouldn’t have been so overwhelmed and heartbroken!
    It sounds like Chloe was a bit of a shopaholic, turned shoplifter! I wonder if “Shopaholics Anonymous” could have helped her?
    Just kidding!
    Beautiful chapter, and it is moving the story along at a good pace!

  6. The truth we’ve been waiting for! I’m glad Rowan asked. Great job!

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment….don’t worry…there is still plenty of drama ahead…. 😉

  7. Wonderful update!

    I feel so bad for Chloe, though I can completely understand Rowan’s angriness with her. I wanted to jump in the screen and hug Chloe! lol, your a very good writer. Nice job!

  8. I don’t know who I feel worse for… Great chapter btw LOL

  9. woooow great post

  10. Bean, this chapter and the last were very good! (just like the rest of them lol) I’m glad to learn some of their past, but am now wondering about their future… Will Bryce ever be in the picture like a ‘normal’ father?

    Don’t worry about having paragraphs that are ‘too long’. They aren’t lol. I actually prefer that, because despite the fact that your pictures are always so beautiful (the second one shows the uncanny resemblance between Chloe’ and Rowan), I love information. I’m reading the story for the story, after all, and not the pictures. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Thanks for all your kind comments! The next chapter is in the works…just fine tuning it before I publish it….Happy Simming!

  12. Sew, poor rowen 😦

  13. I cannot believe this is true!

  14. This brings me to an idea:…

  15. well that clears up a lot, because this is what I was thinking: her mom was a prostitute and a cop was after her, then that day he handed her something he suggested she have sex with him and he would stop chasing her. hahaha I know, twisted.

    • lol

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