Posted by: bean | January 2, 2010

Chapter XV: Daddy’s Little Girls

Rowan ran all the way home that night.  Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.  How could she do this to me?  I met my own Father and didn’t even know it was him! Rowan thought to herself furiously.  As she neared her front door, she stopped momentarily to regroup.  Though she was angry with her Mom, she didn’t want to show anyone just how upset she really was.  After a moment of composure she solemnly walked up their front steps and through their front door.  Chloe’ had not yet returned home.  But Rowan could care less right now about the welfare of her Mother.

Still hurt from finding out the truth of her Mom’s troubled past, Rowan tucked herself away in her room.  She flopped down on her bed and began to cry softly into her pillow.  Her whole life was a lie.  She was a lie.  Rowan wiped her tears and sat up on her bed.  From across her room, her laptop seemed to be beckoning her.  Drawn in by its silent calls, Rowan sat down at her desk and starred blankly at its screen.  Then it occurred to her.  She had to find her Dad.  Surely if he knew how much she missed him he would come back and fill the void that was weighing down her heart.  Fervently she typed away on the keys of her laptop, scouring the internet for any piece of information that may lead her to her Father.

Rowan came up empty handed.  Defeated she slumped back in her computer chair.  She thought back to when she had last seen her Dad.  He had given  her Mom something that night.  Surely it was some kind of clue to where he could be.  But talking to her Mom right now was out of the question.  Rowan was still too devastated to face her.  On top of the quarrel they had at the restaurant, Addilyn had transformed into a toddler while they were out.  Rowan was very close to her younger sibling and felt horrible about not being there for her when she grew up.

“Well, I’ll just have to come up with a new plan.  A better plan.  And my Mother better not get in the way.”  Rowan stated out loud angrily to herself.

Meanwhile, Addilyn was playing quietly with her wooden dollhouse.  She giggled at how the furniture inside jiggled around when she shook the house.  She picked up the daddy doll and stared sadly at it.  In her picture books that Rowan read to her, their was always a Mommy, a Daddy and happy little children.  Addilyn often herd her Mommy and Rowan fighting about her own Daddy.  But where was he?  Why had he never come to see her before?

A huge smile crept across Addilyn’s face.  She knew what she had to do to make everyone happy again.  She would have to wish as hard as she could for her Daddy to come back home.  Then they would all be a family again.  Addilyn closed her eyes as tight as she could and began wishing with all her might.  But her wishing was interrupted by Rowan picking her off the floor.

“Hey Baby girl.  What are ya doing in here?”  Rowan asked.  Addilyn smiled up at Rowan.  Her contagious smile even made miserable Rowan feel better.

“Pwaying.”  Addilyn replied holding up her dollies proudly for Rowan to see.

“Are you ready for dinner?”  Rowan asked sweetly.  Addilyn nodded her head energetically.

Rowan fixed Addilyn some dinner.   As she placed the bowl down on Addilyn’s tray, Addilyn began playfully squishing and slurping the food.  She laughed at her as she ate.  Who ever knew that babies could be so entertaining.



  1. Read the whole thing in one sitting! Good story! I look forward to reading further chapters 🙂

    • Thanks for reading Cami! BTW, I love your stories!

  2. Its amazing b/c your an amazing writer. GREAT JOB!!!

  3. Hmmm do I sense a hint of longing for a child of her own in Rowan? Maybe not, but the chapters are as good as ever, Bean. Writer’s Block sucks, but you seem to be able to overcome it quite well. 🙂 Great work!

    PS-Addilyn is a beautiful toddler, and I hope she grows up well. I’m feeling my own sense of longing for the next chapter already!

    • Lets hope that Rowan doesn’t become as promiscuous as her Mom…The next Chapter is in the works…just thinking of whether or not to do the Amelia/Onion Chapter or the Chapter where Bryce pays a visit…

      Any feedback about which one you would like to see first?

      • well…. Ilove seeing Onion and Amelia but I think you are riding a good story arch here so I think you should follow through with it. I want to see Rowan meet Bryce! ^_^

        …but update the Onion and Amelia chapter soon please? 🙂

  4. Addilyn! I want to steal her away I wonder how she and baby Apple would get along? Hahah I will just have to see >:D cute but sad chapter. I guess that’s called bitter sweet 😀 I’m sorry you had writer’s block :< but I couldn't tell at all with this chappie!

    • I added her to my studio if you want to dl her. She is so cute, I love her!

  5. Hehe great chapter 😀 Addy is cute!! Hope you don’t mind if I call her that. I the next chapter to be Rowan meeting Bryce. I personally don’t like Amelia 😀

  6. Nice update, Bean! I love the bit with the daddy doll.

  7. A beautiful chapter about the bond between the two sisters! That picture oF Addilyn close up with the daddy doll was precious!

  8. i agree i love the pic w/ Addilyn and the daddy doll best pic ever!
    btw loved this post. keep up the good work. cant wait to read more

    • It’s my favorite of her too and the one where she’s eating…I just had to squeeze it into the chapter….lol

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