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Chapter XVI: Reunited

NOTE: There is a good chunk of dialog this Chapter.  To make reading it more easy to the eyes, I labeled each with a letter so you would be able to tell who was talking.


Chloe’ picked up Addilyn and slipped out the back door for a little privacy.  She knew exactly what she had to do in order for Rowan to ever forgive her for what she had done.  With unsure fingers she dialed Bryce’s number, knowing that her sudden outreach to him could cause her past to catch up with her.  But the fear of loosing everything didn’t even compare to the unforgiving eyes Rowan looked at her with.  The phone rang for what seemed to be an eternity before a voice finally answered.

C: “It’s me.”  Chloe’ said blandly.

B: “Why are you calling me?  You know that…”  Bryce responded, shocked over the unforeseen call from Chloe’.

C: “Yes, I know.  But I had to risk it anyways.”  Chloe’ said, cutting Bryce off before he could finish.  She sighed heavily out loud.  “Please come back, a certain someone has a lot of questions for you that need to be answered.”

B: “Alright.  Let me just finish up and I’ll get there as fast as I can.”  Bryce replied wearily.  He knew that meeting up with Chloe’ was bad news, for both of them, if anyone else in the Department caught wind of it.

Later on that evening, Rowan herd the door bell sound.  It’s after 10 o’clock, who could possibly be at the door at this hour, She thought to herself.  Annoyed, she walked to the front door to see who was there.  As she caught glimpse of who it was, her jaw nearly hit the floor.

R: “Dad?!”  She nearly yelled as she whipped open the door.

B: “Well, I see your Mother finally told you the truth.”  Bryce said sarcastically.

R: “Yeah, she told me the other night over dinner.  But, why are you here?”

B: “Your Mom called and told me that we needed to talk about somethings.  Do you mind if I come in?”  Bryce asked.

R: “Oh, I’m sorry!  Come in, come sit down.  What is that in your hand?”  Rowan asked pointing to the book in Bryce’s hand.

B: “Didn’t your Mom give you the album I gave her the last time we saw each other?”  Bryce asked surprised.

R: “No.”  Rowan said annoyed as she looked over her shoulder at her Mom.  “She said we’d talk about it when I was older.  Well, I’m older now, so come on in and lets talk.”  Rowan firmly said.

As they neared the living room, Addilyn walked over to Bryce and smiled up at him.  It couldn’t be, Bryce thought to himself.  He bent down and took a closer look into the youngster’s eyes.  His eyes widened when he realized the truth.

B: “Chloe.  Is she.  Is she mine?”  Bryce stammered.

C: “Yes.”  Chloe blushed with embarrassment.  “I didn’t know how to tell you.  I’m sorry that you found out this way.”  Chloe’ said apologetically.

B: “You don’t have to be sorry, Chloe’.  If I had known I would have found a way to help you.”  Bryce replied.  He picked up Addilyn and hugged her tightly.  “What is her name?”

C: “Addilyn.  She’s nearly three years old now.  She’ll be starting nursery school in the fall.”  Chloe’ answered back.

Addilyn look up at her Daddy.  So this is who Mommy and Rowan have been talking about! She leaned closer to his ear and whispered softly.  Bryce listened intently to Addilyn as she confided in him.  He look down at her and smiled warmly back.

“We’ll see Addilyn, we’ll see.”  Bryce replied to her question.

Seeing that Rowan was becoming impatient, Bryce returned Addilyn to the floor.  The two began passionately talking to one another about their lives and how they were managing.  Rowan asked to see the photo album that Bryce had brought with him, he happily obliged.  Looking over the photo’s of when her parents was young was very amusing.   They had been so in love in the pictures.  She was surprised to see that her Mom was so beautiful when she was Rowan’s age.  There were also a few newspaper clippings of when Chloe’ and Bryce had gotten married and also a few articles of Bryce’s police endeavors.  As they neared the end of the album, Bryce placed his hand on Rowan’s.

B: “I want you to know that I have thought about you every moment of your life.”  Bryce said to her.  “The only reason I had to stay away was because if I hadn’t, the police would have arrested your Mom along time ago.  And I couldn’t have done that, to either of you.”  He said looking both into Chloe’ and Rowan’s eyes.

R: “I understand.  I’m just so glad that I have finally found out the truth.  Secrets get pretty hard to swallow after a while”  Rowan stated.

B: “Well, I hate to cut this visit short, but I have to get back.”  Bryce announced as he looked down at his watch.

R: “Oh, OK.”  Rowan replied looking down at the grown sadly.

B: “I have to deliver some documents to China.  Why don’t you come with me, Rowan?  I would only be for a week or so.  That is if you Mom doesn’t mind.”

R: “Oh Mom can I please?  Please, Please, Please!”  Rowan excitedly asked while jumping up in down.  Chloe’ gave Bryce a dirty look from behind.

C: “Alright.  Just please bring her back home in one piece, Bryce.”  Chloe replied as she gave him a stern look.  Rowan squealed as she raced up to her room to pack.



  1. Amazing as always. I can’t wait to see what happens in China. I gotta get my next chapter up soon! I am working all week this week, so it may take a while.. I’m still just editing pictures.

  2. This is my longest Chapter yet…lol. I’m glad you enjoyed it Nurse!

  3. Was it really that long? I zipped through it 😀

    I can’t wait for “China” *winkwink* if you get what I mean 😀

  4. Oh, Bean, I hope you are kind to the girls and let them have Bryce in the end. The other alternative–he and Chloe’ getting arrested, or worse…. Well, I don’t want to think about it. Thanks for another great chapter!

  5. We’ll see, dlegrow….but I’m not Disney so I can’t guarantee…lol

    BTW the next Chapter will be about Onion and Amelia!!! XD

  6. I just sat down with a hot pizza and an ice cold drink and read your latest chapter. I am now full and happy!

    Great chapter! And that pic of Bryce holding Addilyn, so touching! What did she whisper to him?! I must know! 🙂

    I’m also sort of curious about what these documents are about… hm, yes.

    • I fixed it for ya, 😉

  7. ooo yay! I’m so glad this meeting happened! Hopefully the cops don’t know Rowan is going to China with Bryce. This shall be entertaining!

  8. Time for a question 😀

    WHERE DID YOU GET ADDILYN’S HAIR!!!!!??!?!?!?! I must know! 😀

    • Its form, I believe its one of the free hairs

  9. O.O *squeaks*

  10. I liked this chapter but I don’t know if I like Bryce. :< He should take all the family with him and all of them should run away to China! And Amelia's family should go with them and you should leave Onion all alone by himself hahaha. Don't be to nice to him! He's being a righ pain in my game! grrr!

    • I have a special plan for Rowan in China…but it may make some people upset…lol.
      Figures that Onion is giving you a hard time, he’s such a punk in my game, but he does make me laugh all the time. I just put up the Onion/Amelia Chapter, hope you like it!

  11. WOW. I absolutely love this story. I’m commenting on this entry though because I just wanted to say that, and also the picture of him holding Addy almost made me cry. ❤ So awesome.

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