Posted by: bean | January 9, 2010

Chapter XVII: Secret Romance

The Town was still very much asleep when Amelia awoke.  She cautiously slipped out of her bed and dressed herself.  A creaking floor board startled Amelia and she froze where she stood.  After a moment of silence, she tip toed to her bedroom door and cracked it open just enough to peer out.  Establishing that the coast was clear, Amelia hurriedly made her way out of their house and drove away in the family car.  As she glided through the sleepy streets, she prayed to herself that he hadn’t forgotten about her.

Amelia parked the car and made her way to the swings.  There a lone figure sat waiting in the shadows.  She waved cautiously, not knowing if it was who she believed it was.  The silhouette stood to greet Amelia.

“Oh, good it is you.”  Amelia sighed with relief.

“Expecting someone else?”  Onion playfully questioned as he raised his brow.

“Um, ah. No.”  Amelia giggled nervously.   Onion reached out and pulled Amelia in closer.  Amelia let herself be drawn in by Onion.  He was so different then anyone else she had ever met.  The type of boy her Mom would kill her for hanging around with.  But that only made Onion more exciting and each look he gave her sent a rush of adrenaline through her body.  Trying to be smooth, Onion leaned in for a kiss and poke her in the eye with his nose.  Onion blushed with embarrassment over his miscalculation.  Not wanting to loose the mood, Amelia recovered the situation.

“Close.  But this is the way its done.”  Amelia said in a cocky tone as she firmly kissed him.

As the dawn began to break through the clouds, Amelia became worried.  She was falling so fast and hard for Onion, but she knew that her family would not approve.  She was a well polished, straight A student.  He was a rugged, in your face, tell you how it is rebel.

“Onion?”  She asked in a high pitched tone.

“Hmm?”  Onion replied.

“I really like you a lot, but we need to keep this a secret.”

“Why?  Are you embarrassed of me?”  Onion asked annoyed.

“No, not at all!  It’s just my Mom would freak and my brother is really overprotective.  I just think it would be wise to, you know, keep it between us.”  Amelia replied.

“Alright.  Your lucky I like you.  If anyone else said that to me, I’d tell ’em to get lost.”  Onion joked.

“Very funny.”  Amelia said as she shoved his shoulder.

Onion and Amelia kissed goodbye and parted ways.  Hoping that her early morning rendezvous had gone unnoticed, Amelia quietly inched her way back inside.  Thankfully, everyone was still asleep, blissfully unaware of what had conspired in the early hours of the morning.  The house didn’t stay still for long, though.  Soon Joshua and Cindy were awake, busily through the rooms and chatting nonstop.

Cindy suggested that they all go to the beach together.  So Amelia, Josh and Cindy piled their belongings into their family car and  made their way to the Pier.  They swam in the ocean and played on the beach for hours.  Finally they sat down on their picnic blanket and enjoyed the food that Cindy had packed.  But the mood suddenly changed when Joshua brought up Onion.

“Amelia, I know you’ve been sneaking around with that punk Onion after school everyday.”  Joshua said accusingly.  Amelia looked wide eyed at Joshua as she searched for any excuse that she could think of.

“We’re just friends.  And besides why are you spying on me?  I don’t spy on you and Rowan.”  Amelia shot back.

“Now guys, no fighting.  Joshua you need to give your sister her space.”  Cindy replied.  Amelia smirked at Joshua but her victory was cut short by her Mom’s reproof.  “And Amelia.  I don’t want you hanging around with someone that I wouldn’t approve of.”

“Yes, Mom.”  Amelia answered trying to hide the disappointment on her face.  I’m almost seventeen, when are people going to stop treating me like a little kid?  Well, what they don’t know, won’t hurt them…Amelia thought to herself.

“What are you smiling about?”  Joshua leered.

“Oh, nothing.”



  1. Haha Onion wears his sunglasses at night. I guess as the saying goes the sun never sets on a true bad@ss. I think that’s why he couldn’t kiss Amelia right away. 😀
    cute update ❤

    • I’m always worried that I wont peg Onion’s personality right, so hearing that you liked it, makes my day!

      • In my head I kinda think of Onion as Napoleon. haha but maybe with a touch of the O.C.? lol but yeah just think ego manniac who thinks he’s cooler and badder than he really is. 😀

    • “The sun never sets on a true badass.” <– awesome!

  2. Nice! I stalk you and this blog all the time ( 🙂 ) and I have to say I LOVEEEE this update!

    • thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my story!

  3. Nice update! I love the romance between Amelia and Onion. So devious! xD

    • Gotta have some scandalous behavior, otherwise they wouldn’t seem like teenagers!

  4. Cool Update Bean!!

  5. “Oh nothing.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. I liked this update, Bean. I liked that you focused totally on Amelia and her family in the chapter, and left Rowan and Chloe’ to do their own thing. Of course, I’m super curious about how their lives will continue with Bryce, but I also always love some teenage romance in the middle of the night! Amelia and Onion are so cute together–just hope that he wouldn’t “ruin” her like her mom would be worried about…

  7. Cute 😀

  8. Aww, they make a cute couple! I hope Amelia doesn’t get into any trouble!

    I like how your chapters are going back and forth between different characters and such now, it’s interesting.

    • Next Chapter will be up soon!


      Rowan and Bryce visit China. But will Rowan stay true to Joshua or will foreign temptation be to much???

      • I thought you were going to do that ;P Well I don’t know if Joshua and Rowan are ofiicial… so what happens in china should stay in china ^_^ hehehe I’m so evil… I had a rl situation like this… :/ stupid beach house owning boys. XD

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