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Chapter XVIII: Change of Taste

After an uneventful flight, Rowan was itching to get out and explore China on her own.  As their taxi wound its way through the dirt laid roads, Rowan was fascinated by the  stunning scenery.   It’s vast rolling mountains where  dotted with vibrant colorful homes.  Wise old men could be seen educating the local boys the art of sparing.  Ancient ruins revealed brief glimpses into the mysterious heritage of the Shang Simla, Village.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”  Bryce proclaimed out loud.

“It’s amazing!  Thanks for bringing me with you Br… ah … Dad.”  Rowan replied clumsily.  It was still very odd for Rowan to call Bryce, Dad.  And even more difficult to wrap her mind around the fact that she was, indeed, sitting right next to her Father.  The taxi halted to a sudden stop in front of an old worn down building.

“Well, we’re here.  Let’s go check in and get settled.”  Bryce said as he began to gather up their suitcases.

“Oh, OK.”  Rowan answered as she climbed from the vehicle.  She gazed up at the hotel.  Though rough around the edges, it was one of the most beautiful buildings Rowan had ever seen.  Bold emerald accents glinted from the walls.  Snarling golden dragons were perched throughout every room.  Even their own room resembled that of a palace.

Soon after unpacking, Bryce told Rowan that he had to attend a business meeting for a few hours and that she should go out and site see on her own to pass the time.  Rowan agreed and quickly made her way outside to explore her temporary home.  As she made her way to the market, the local neighbors waved cheerfully at her as she past by.  Along the way, she saw a breath taking garden just off the pathway.  Not wanting to pass up a chance to take in the native scenery, Rowan made her way over to the lily laced pond.  While she was watching the koi fish playfully jump in and out of the water, a local boy walked up to Rowan and stood beside her.

“There is much beauty here in my Country,”  the boy said, smiling at Rowan as he spoke.  Rowan shifted her head and smiled back at her visitor.

“I still can’t believe that I am here.  It feels like I am dreaming,”  replied Rowan.

“Hello,  I am Lu Yin,” the boy said holding out his hand to her.

“Rowan.  I’m just visiting with my… my Dad for a few days,” she replied taking his hand in her own.

“If you would like, I could show you around the Village.  Get you into all the great site seeing spots,” Lu offered.

“That would be fantastic!  I’m dying to explore and to learn some of the local culture,” Rowan responded gratefully.

The two walked side by side chatting about their lives and enjoying each others company.  Lu took Rowan to the local shops so she could sample the native delicacies and pick up a few trinkets.  After spending much time and money at the market, Lu took her to the local academy where he attended.  Shi Liao, their martial arts guru, welcomed them as they entered the facility.  Rowan was quite impressed to find out that Lu was Shi Liao’s prodigal apprentice.

“Wow, that is so impressive, Lu!”  Rowan exclaimed.

“Oh, don’t let Shi Liao fool you.  I’m not as good as he proclaims,” Lu said wilts blushing.  But Rowan didn’t believe him, she knew he was just being modest. Lu then lead Rowan outside to the training courtyard.  Rowan reached out to touched Lu on his arm.

“Ya, know.  I’ve never met anyone like you before.  It feels like I’ve known you all my life,” Rowan confessed to Lu.

“I feel the same way.  It’s to bad your leaving so soon.  I will miss you when you leave,” Lu confided to Rowan.

Rowan gazed longingly into Lu’s eyes, and he back into her’s.  The attraction she felt for him was magnetic.  Though they had just met, it felt like she had always know him.  That destiny had finally brought her back to him.  What are you doing?  What about Joshua? her conscience yelled to her.  But Rowan ignored her sense of reason and kissed Lu without a second guess.



  1. Its gonna get ugly!

    The last picture looks so good against the scenery of china.

  2. Loved it Bean. Great job. Joshua is going to be very angry. 🙂 Love the drama.

  3. (0)_(0) WOAH! now that was faster than I thought it would be! *squirms* Rowan! Joshua… but destiny? Intresting chapter Bean! I can’t tell yet if I like it or if I’m super angry at Rowan for kinda cheating! Hehe can’t wait to read more ^_^

  4. Dang destiny- always interfering!! 😀

    I can smell a scandal coming on!

  5. Bad Rowan! She ought to have Chloe teach a lesson to her.

    • ah, but that is already the problem…Rowan has learned too much from Chloe’…lol

  6. Great chapter Bean. I was looking forward to seeing Addilyn’s child years, but this was a pleasant surprise. I love reading about other people’s Sim drama hehe!

    I don’t think it would work out between Rowan and Lu though…unless she moved to China….. …..

    Or not. She doesn’t have to tell Josh anything lol. I’m totally stoked for the next one, Bean. 🙂

    • Next Chapter is Addilyn’s b-day…and another big surprise!!

      • Oh yay! I can’t wait! 😀 You’re always surprising me, Bean, and I just can’t get enough of it!

  7. Another brilliant chapter, like they say a picture paints a thousand words, and you had fantastic pictures and the way you write is great too.

    I think Josh is gonna be a bit p’ed off too!!

    • thanks so much for the lovely comment! I left you a comment on your latest Chapter 🙂

  8. What will Amelia think!?!

  9. Ah, the plot thickens! I love it!

  10. Lol, she sure went exploring! 🙂

  11. Tension!

  12. omg! AWWW!!!

  13. This chapter was so cute, I love how father and daugther finally are getting to really know each other.

  14. Bean? are you alive :< I miss you!

    • Second-ed!
      I need to know what happens next!

  15. Bean? Hello?

    • I think she’s just procrastinating and recovering from being sick she’s still alive at least been posting on my blog.

    • I’m still alive, lol! I’ve been working on the next Chapter for forever…I’ll give you a hint…it’s called ” Addilyn’s Wish “.

      My kids and work have been crazy right now, but I am still working on this story, I promise! Once I wrap up the last few Chapters, I actually have another one in the works…more of a comedy story.

      Well, have a wonderful day everyone, and I’ll try my hardest to get the Chapter out tonight sometime!

  16. Oh bean 🙂 sounds fun can’t wait for the next chapter!

  17. when you going to update?

    The story is really well written, i like a ton.

    • I’m sorry I have been on hiatus…RL has been extremely crazy lately. I just finished a chapter, hope you like it!

  18. Uh Oh!! Poor Joshua 😦

  19. I just started reading this story, and I just had to coomment on this chapter…it is absolutely amazing!! Definately have a new fan in me!! lol

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