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Chapter XIX: Addilyn’s Wish

The trip to China neared its end, and reluctantly Rowan said goodbye to Lu.  She knew that this would probably be the last time that she ever saw him, but how do you say goodbye to your soul mate?

“I’m really going to miss being around you…you’re unlike anyone I have ever met.”  Rowan admitted cautiously to Lu, not knowing for certain if her deep seeded feelings for him were mutual.

“Our paths will meet again, I’m sure of it,”  Lu replied, smiling weakly.  “And besides, how could I ever say good bye to the one I hope to spend the rest of my life with?”

Oh my God…did he just say what I think he just did? Rowan’s mind raced with the possibilities of the unknown.  Unsure how to respond to such a life altering question, Rowan just leaned in close and kissed Lu firmly.  The taxi car driver honked his horn impatiently breaking the effervescent mood of Lu and Rowan.  With a smile to her soul mate and a scowl to the driver, Rowan reluctantly entered the taxi.

Bryce could easily see how distraught Rowan was.  He tried to search his mind for any words of comfort to ease his  daughter’s broken heart.  However, being so new to the whole Fatherhood Thing left him speechless.  Instead, the troubled twosome sat silently side by side the rest of the way home.


“Wonderful, your back just in time!.”  Chloe’ announced with both relief and joy in her voice as Rowan and Bryce stepped through the front door.

“In time for what?”  Rowan grumbled.

“Addilyn’s fifth birthday, silly!”  Chloe’ exclaimed excitedly.

“I can’t believe I almost forgot…where is the little rug-rat anyways?”  Rowan asked as she scanned the living room for Addilyn.

“Here I am!”  Giggled Addilyn as she popped out from behind the sofa.  Rowan picked up her baby sister and held her tightly.

“I missed you Addy.”

“Me too.”  Addilyn replied back as she squirmed to get down.  Chloe’ motioned to Rowan to bring Addilyn outside and Rowan followed suit as she carried the wriggling preschooler to the backyard.

“Chloe’, could you come over here for a moment?”  Bryce asked his ex coolly.  Chloe’ walked over with a puzzled look on her face.  Bryce reached out and grabbed a hold of her hand.  Chills spiraled up Chloe’ s spine.  As Bryce leaned in close to Cloe’,  Addilyn watched happily.

“I know we have a history together and I know we’ve had our share of ups and downs.”  Bryce paused and cleared his throat.  “I love you Chloe’ and nothing will ever change the way I feel about you.”

“But Bryce…”  Chloe’ gasped.

With that Bryce took out the ring from his pant pocket.  Chloe’ held out her shaking, unsure hand as Bryce placed the ring carefully on her finger.  This must be a dream! thought Chloe’.

“Well, are you going to put me out of my misery and give me an answer??”  Bryce playfully inquired.

“Yes!  Yes!  A million times Yes!”  Chloe’ shouted as she threw herself into his arms.

A gentle tugging on Bryce’s pant leg broke the lover’s embrace.  Looking downwards, Bryce saw Addilyn gazing back up at him excitedly.

“Cake?”  She half asked, half demanded.

“Alright, let’s go blow out some candles.”  Bryce replied, willingly giving into the tots demands.  Addilyn snuggled into Bryce’s shoulder as they made their way to the glistening cake.

Addilyn leaned forward and blew out her candles.

“Honey, you forgot to make a wish.”  Bryce said sadly.

“No, I got my wish.”  Addilyn answered back exuberantly.

“Oh really, what was that?”  Bryce questioned.

You, silly!”  Addilyn exclaimed as she hugged her Daddy closely.

**      **      **      **      **      **      **      **      **      **      **      **      **

With that I will leave you until next time with a cute picture of Addilyn aging up….Hope you enjoyed my long overdue update!



  1. God I can’t wait for my new pc to be built….my new graphics card is going to make my pictures come out a heck of a lot better…lol

  2. Awww! What a great chapter! I feel sad for Rowan and Lu, but I cant help but think of Joseph!!

    And Addilyn is a cutie! I love that last picture of her. XD Im glad that her parents are back together…but I wonder what will be in store for them…

  3. i have a bad feeling that history is going to crash this happy family. Things are just going too good.
    i agree with dusty, poor joseph!

  4. Must. Read. More.

  5. Aww, how sweet was Addy? “I got my wish already, Daddy.”

  6. Oh, and quick question – in the picture w/ the ring, there’s an old lady behind Chloe. Why?

    • It’s actually Cindy, Amelia’s Mom…lol. If you look at the Picture where Addilyn’s blowing out the candles you can see Amelia and Cindy dancing.

      • Oh yeah… oops!

  7. Awww i wanted to see addilyn grow up. Cute update. 😀 want more!

  8. That was touching!

    but still, tisky tisk, Rowan…you bad egg.

  9. Awww 🙂 Yay! I’m soooo happy! I hope nothing bad comes of their marriage…

  10. Hiya there!! Another great chapter, just wondering though does the sims 3 forums work for you anymore, because they won’t work for me 😦

    • no I cannot sign onto either! I’ve emailed EA and have herd nothing back about the site issues…hopefully they clear up the problem soon!

      • Luckily for me it’s working now, so I’ll try to inform everyone what has happened. Hope you come back soon!!

  11. Bean! The story is great chickie 🙂 Can’t wait to read more!

    • I’m working on the update…as of now I had to reinstall everything after the latest patch…soo ugh!

      The next chapter is going to be about a beach party where Rowan may or may not break poor Joshua’s heart….

      • Oh, I can’t wait!

        How’s everything been? It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you! E-mail me, or hit me up on Facebook sometime 🙂

  12. I’ve been good…everything has been so crazy lately…lol

  13. I hope this is the start of some sort of happy ending…although I am sure there will be more drama mixed in!
    I love the photo’s, in the moonlight. You always take nice screenshots!
    I have a new site, if you could add it to your blogroll, and visit. Its:

    You are in my blogroll, already!

    • me add more drama? Never… 😉

  14. I’m having withdrawals. :[ I must knooowwwww.

  15. I am very much hoping for a new update! Do you have one coming soon? You left your story on such an uplifting note!
    Its hard to keep up with updates, though, because REAL life gets in the way of simulated life! 😉
    Thank you for making the first comment on my site! I have now begun my first of many Sims 3 stories on it. Perhaps you could visit it again and give me some feedback?
    The prologue is now posted!
    Also, the first installment will appear tonight!
    check it all out at:

    Please comment, and if you like it, add me to your blogroll! I would greatly appreciate it! You have my old site on there, but this new one is the one I will be updating!

    Happy Simming!

  16. I’m so sorry that the update is taking so long. I got hooked on CAW and have been making my first world. Now that I finally finished, I’m going to get back to the next chapter. Thanks for bearing with me!

  17. CAW-Very cool! That explains the delay!
    As for your visit to my site…
    I agree with you on the first part being long, but the other segments will be much shorter!

    When I first posted it, I was thinking that it may be a too long. Yes, when the pictures come in to play, it will be way more visually accessable and fun!

    I am glad you like the start!

    This was the only post that wouldn’t have pictures-it was purely for the benefit of a back-story!
    So, with the positive feedback I got, I will be posting the first entry, (with pictures!!!) this weekend.

    Please come back and see!

  18. More More More!!

  19. Hi. I just found your story and started reading it and I love it! I’m going to start my own legacy pretty soon and once I get it up and running, I’d love it if you would take a look at it. Can’t wait for the next post! :]

    • OOhh, I can’t wait! I love reading stories! I’ve been so busy lately…my daughter has her first dance recital and with all the nice weather, we’ve been practically living at the park! I’m trying my best to finish the chapter, but I don’t want to rush it and have it fall flat.

  20. Such a cute daughter.

  21. Awwwh, sweet chapter. Can’t wait for the next one!

  22. whoo hoo bean! i finally got a chance to sit down and read your story! ahh, i want more! lol…this is such an amazing, emotional story. truly great job 🙂

  23. I have just descovered your legacy and finally up to date. I love it. I love your story telling and your pictures are great. Addilyn is so cute, i cant wait to see what she looks like when she grows up.

    Maybe you could check out my legacy too? xxx

    • I’ll definately check out your story! Glad your enjoying what I wrote so far. 🙂

  24. Hey i just discovered your legacy and i’ve been trying to catch up with all your previous posts and well here i am !! 🙂 Im relaly hooked, so much action and emotions. Your endings are great, and i love the cliffhangers !! Heres my legacy, and i would really appreciate it if u can comment and add me to your blogroll? Im adding you, if you dont mind of course? 🙂

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